The comprehensive gene expression data can be visualized and biologically analyzed and interpreted through the molecular networks (the proteomic data can also be handled as the chip data). Using pre-installed logical operation functions (AND, DIFF or OR operation), a network that is specific to various experimental conditions can be generated and used in most complicated situations. The generated/extracted networks can be profiled as gPathway,hgDisease,hgPathological Event,h gBio-Eventh and gGO termsh using Summary Sheet.Molecular networks are generated intuitively by simple steps!Data import (commercial/public ID-compliant)Convert to KeyMolnet ID(automatic)Extract search point(s)Molecular networks generation Logical operations on Molecular networks Data profiling using Summary Sheet Profiling of Molecular networks: Summary Sheet A score and rank of gPathway,hgDisease,hgPathological Event,hgBio-Event,hand gGO termsh are provided in the Summary Sheet to show statistical relevance to the generated/extracted networks.

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