KeyMolnet has been developed in order to integrate the knowledge on the relation of molecule - molecule, molecule - biological phenomenon, molecule - disease etc. accumulated from the traditional life science research. Such interrelated information is essential to understand the biological function of genes and proteins, and thus to drug discovery research.

KeyMolnet installs the highly reliable contents selected carefully from literature or review articles by IMMD researchers.

KeyMolnet enables users to seamlessly search and investigate the molecular network and the relation between various information items such as biological phenomena, diseases and drugs etc.

KeyMolnet reads the experimental data from DNA microarrays and proteomics so that users can analyze the data in connection with the molecular network.

KeyMolnet's contents include detailed information on molecules, diseases, biological phenomena and drugs as well as the relational information which describes the relation between each information item. Contents are highly reliable: they have been curated by IMMD researchers who hold a Ph.D or the equivalent, and are updated regularly. Contents also include links to the external databases on genes, proteins, and literature etc.
Users can import their own knowledge into KeyMolnet by merging their proprietary data into the core contents provided by IMMD.

The Search/Analysis system provides various and powerful functions: seamless generation of the molecular network from any information item, search of the relation between selected information items, link to external databases, display of reference, logical operations (AND, OR, DIFF) of multiple molecular networks etc.
KeyMolnet assists users to analyze the results of experiments in the context of the molecular network, by importing the experimental data such as those from various microarrays and proteomics.